Zenfone Flash Tool

If you are an ASUS Android phones and tablet device users and if you need to flash you all type of Asus Zenfone smartphone, Zenfone Flash Tool is the best answer of mobile phone Flash Tools and firmware easily. So this post I will share a good helpful tool known as "ASUS ZENFONE Flash Tool" with the latest version of phone box tool Asus Zenfone Flash Tool. Here is the full setup free download for Windows and this awesome tool has a great importance in your smartphones especially Android phones and tablets. Now we are going to talk about the Zenfone Flash Tool for this flashing process.

Zenfone Flash Tool Download

Review of Zenfone Flash Tool

We already know that most of the Android users willing to use the flashing utility software on their handsets. Because flashing is the basic maintaining process among devices that we use for making the damaged devices or bricked devices back to normal. In simple, you have the ability to flashing the stock ROM and custom ROM of ASUS Android phones and tablet devices easily. So commonly we use this flashing process among devices when we face such as un-sudden situations. So having this latest technology on the flashing process make you more comfortable and we have to use them in different ways with different tools for flashing in different models. If you have an Asus Zenfone smartphone or tablet devices with Zenfone Flash Tool that lets you to flashing your all type of Asus Zenfone smartphone quickly.

This great Zenfone Flash Tool is developed by ASUS and is available for free download for its users all over the world. Especially this awesome tool can backup your all of user data using this tool then flash your phone easily and you will be able to restore your user data other phone using this tool. Also, you can use this amazing Flash Tool to install stock ROM on Asus ZenFone device and Flash firmware on Asus ZenFone using Asus ZenFone Flash Tool easily. Its especially design that inherits an easy-to-use user interface and this must-have utility allows its users to flash Asus stock firmware effortlessly. If you need to perform Zenfone flash tool, you need RAW firmware. If it's conditions are supply properly to it like, updating after using some days or weeks so the tool will work in a better way. By the way, this powerful tool lets you update your ASUS device and Asus is still prevailing in multiple regions thanks to their budget phones with premium exteriors. As we know that if you own a Samsung phone and flash the device by using the Samsung Odin ROM Flasher tool that process is similar for this flashing utility. This is a virus free tool and simply this powerful tool is free from virus. You can also scan it with a good scanner to get the complete work done or a better flashing. However, the latest Zenfone Flash Tool includes the latest features and functions to make the user more comfort and flexibility. So now you can enjoy it's amazing flashing without any doubt.

The Latest Zenfone Flash Tool Features

Flash Firmware

Actually, it just like install the OS in your phone. Which means, if you are thinking of either updating your Asus Zenfone, the Zenfone Flash tool allows you to Flash Stock and Custom ROMs Firmware. To do that you just need to have the correct firmware downloaded for your device and it is writing data to nonvolatile flash memory.

Lets to Backup Apps

Zenfone Flash tool allows you to back up the user's installed apps from the device and save it to the computer and then restore data to your phone afterward. The process is applied to critical databases or related line-of-business applications and these apps can vary from stock system apps to apps downloaded by the user.

Backup System Apps

This can restore app settings and points any time that allows you to backup pre-installed System apps from the Asus devices to the computer. Also, the backup will be saved in the .ab format in your PC.

Progress Bar

The User Interface of this flash tool is very straight forward. Actually, once you select your file and start the procedure, the program will display a live progress bar showing activity then make sure that data is being transferred and the program hasn't stopped.

Restore Backup

This lets you restore the backup you have made such a Custom apps backup and Pre-installed system apps from the computer.

Download Latest Versions of Zenfone Flash Tool

Zenfone Flash Tool is compatible with the Windows PC only and now you can download the latest version of Zenfone Flash tool from right below.

Zenfone Flash Tool Download Direct Link

Zenfone Flash Tool Download

Supporting Devices of Zenfone Flash Tool

This wonderful software will allow you to flash ASUS Android smartphones and tablet devices, which include Zenfone 3 series. Don’t worry, here is the version of the tool has a more supported device.

Requirements you needs of Zenfone Flash Tool

As we know that Zenfone Flash Tool is supported only with Windows PC any version of Windows like XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Window 10 and Vista. Also, you need a USB cable match with your Asus smartphone and tablet device. Then download the Latest Version Asus Zenfone flash tool on our site and download phone box tool too. Although, you have to download Flash File Match with your phone module. Make sure the supported Android USB Drivers on your handsets.

How to Download Zenfone Flash Tool

  1. First of all download and install the Asus USB drivers on your PC.
  2. Enable the USB debugging mode and Developer mode on your smartphone.
  3. Download latest Zenfone Flash Tool .zip or .rar and open it.
  4. Connect your mobile to PC in any mode (Normal mode, Recovery mode or Fastboot mode).
  5. Open "Zenfone Flasher tool" from the desktop shortcut or type "Asus" in run window.
  6. Double click on "Disconnected" button to connect your mobile to flash tool.
  7. Once your devices successfully connected, you will be able to show "Connected with Green Light". Which means your mobile connected and all info about your mobile will be display on Screen.
  8. Then click on "Browse" button to choose locations where your Asus firmware ROM to install on your PC.
  9. Wait until the all files loaded Successfully when file loaded successfully "Start" button will be enabled.
  10. Click on "Start" Button to start the flashing process.
  11. Now your device will automatically restart.
  12. Then long press and hold Volume down + Volume Up key to Recovery mode.
  13. Under the recovery mode select Apple update from ADB.
  14. Now message box will open follow instruction on "message box". Don't click on "Resume" button until you follow all the steps on "message box".
  15. Then click on the resume button and wait to complete the task.
  16. Once it is done successfully, disconnect your device from the PC.

Zenfone Flash Tool Video Tutorial