Xiaomi Flash Tool

Xiaomi which was developed by the Xiaomi Inc. is one of the most famous mobile phone brands all over the world. This brand of the smartphones has become trending among the people because of its well-organized features and facilities. But with the time, when the device gets old, you need an option to renew the smart device's condition. For that, the same company has developed a flashing tool called Xiaomi Flash Tool. Flashing the stock firmware of a smartphone makes it more customized by enhancing the performance of the device. So if you are currently using a Xiaomi Mi or Redmi smartphone which is somewhat old in the condition, it's time for a firmware update for the device. Here we have come with a complete guide about the Xiaomi Flash Tool, read the complete article first to be enlightened with the knowledge and then download and flash your Xiaomi mobile.

Xiaomi Flash Tool

Introduction to Xiaomi Mobile Devices

Xiaomi Corporation is an electronics company in China which is headquartered in Beijing. They make and invest in smartphones, laptops, mobile apps, and related electronic components. With the time, the Xiaomi Inc. has become the largest smartphone company in China as well as the 04th largest smartphone company in the world. Xiaomi mobile devices are available in different mobile series, which are Mi Series, Mi Max Series, Mi Note Series, Mi Mix Series, and the Redmi Series. All these smartphones are developed with the best features and facilities in it. Therefore, millions of people from different countries all over the world are using this brand of smartphones for their daily usage.

What is Mobile Phone Flashing?

Flashing a smartphone is an awesome way to enhance the performance of the device. It actually gives a new life to your old smart device. Smartphone flashing can be done as the stock ROM flashing or custom ROM flashing. Flashing means re-installing the Android operating system to the smartphone, phablet or tablet. And when we are flashing the stock firmware of the device, that means re-installing the current Android operating system of the device. When we are flashing a custom ROM, that means installing a different version of the Android operating system. Whether you are flashing stock or custom ROM, you will get a whole list of benefits to your device after flashing it. And this Xiaomi Flash Tool is capable of flashing the stock firmware of the Xiaomi smartphones.

Benefits of Flashing a Xiaomi Smartphone

What is Xiaomi Flash Tool?

Xiaomi Flash Tool is a freeware application comes to Xiaomi smartphones, which allows you to flash the stock firmware of the Xiaomi devices. It is an awesome software application developed by the Xiaomi Inc. in China. By using this flashing tool on your Xiaomi device, you can upgrade or downgrade the firmware of your device. If you want to flash the stock ROM directly using this app because of the boot loop, it is also possible with this flashing tool. This flashing tool has the fastboot files which help you to flash the device in the fastboot mode or EDL mode.

Why we need Xiaomi Flash Tool?

We need Xiaomi Flash Tool to flash the stock firmware of the Xiaomi Mi and Redmi smartphones. Sometimes when you flash a custom ROM on your device and you feel like the MIUI is better than that, you need a way to go back to the MIUI. And sometimes you need to update to the latest version of the OS. Well, the good news is, both these tasks are possible with the Xiaomi Flash Tool. This amazing flashing tool is also helpful when the device is stuck at Mi Logo (boot loop). What will you do, if your Xiaomi device got soft bricked or hard bricked? To recover the device, this flashing tool comes to Xiaomi smartphones is the best way. It lets you easily flash the MIUI fastboot ROM of the device using the MI flashing app. This tool is also useful when there are new updates available and you want to directly download them to the device.

Features of Xiaomi Flash Tool

Important Notes about Xiaomi Flash Tool

Xiaomi Flash Tool Download Direct Link

Xiaomi Flash Tool Free Download

How to download Xiaomi Flash Tool on Windows Computer?

  1. Find the download link to Xiaomi Flash Tool from our website and download the file.
  2. Open the folder where you saved the downloaded file and extract the downloaded zip file in your Windows computer. Before proceeding the installation, make sure that you have uninstalled the previous version of the tool if you were using the older version.
  3. Run the downloaded file from the extracted folder. This will start the installation of the app on your PC. If you got a security warning, just press the "Run" button to continue.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation process and wait until it finishes the installation process. After the installation is completed, press the "Close" button.
  5. That's all, if you successfully followed the above steps, you must have installed the Xiaomi Flash Tool by now. And now you can flash your Xiaomi smartphone with its stock firmware or ROMs.

How to use Xiaomi Flash Tool?

  1. Download and install the Xiaomi Flash Tool on your Xiaomi smartphone by following the above-mentioned steps.
  2. Make sure that you have installed the Xiaomi USB Driver on your Windows PC before starting to use the tool.
  3. Boot your Xiaomi device into the fastboot mode. For that, switch off your device and press Power On button and Volume Down button simultaneously for a few seconds until it boots into the fastboot mode.
  4. You will see the screen with Mi Bunny after booting the device into the fastboot mode.
  5. Now grab a micro USB cable and connect the Xiaomi device and computer by using it. The relevant USB drivers will be installed automatically by the Windows computer.
  6. Then open the Xiaomi Flash Tool from the Start Menu or Desktop.
  7. Select the unzipped fastboot ROM folder from the screen and locate the folder of that stock firmware of your device by using the "Select" button.
  8. Check whether your device is connected by pressing the "Refresh" button. You can go further if it shows the device.
  9. Now press the "Flash" button on the Xiaomi Flash Tool to flash the MIUI fastboot ROM on your smartphone.
  10. After flashing your device completely, you will get a message on the flash tool screen.

Xiaomi Flash Tool Video Tutorial

Safety Notes

If you are worried about the safeness of this flashing tool, Xiaomi Flash Tool is a 100% risk-free app comes to the Xiaomi smartphones. It's true that there is a risky side of rooting and flashing a device but, it all depends on the way you follow the steps of the flashing process. If you followed the flashing steps correctly, you won't meet any threats to your Xiaomi device.

Developer Credits

The Chinese corporation, Xiaomi Inc. is the great developer behind the Xiaomi Flash Tool. As Xiaomi device users, you must be thankful to them for giving such a privilege to experience the best of the devices. Therefore, all the developer credits and copyrights credits must go to them.