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Mi Flash Tool is the best recommendation to flash devices that come prioritizing Xiaomi software. If you are a Xiaomi Mi smart phone and Tablet user and in the requirement of flashing, take the updated Mi Flash Tool support with the complete administration here.

Mi Flash Tool Download

Flashing a firmware simply brings more optimization to the operating system where you will be given better support in all you're the system features and functions. Then flashing is one handy way you can simply cross the stock boundaries and get into highest system optimizations. And Xiaomi Flash Tool brings support exclusively for Xiaomi devices where things come simply and manageable easier for all free.

Features of Mi Flash Tool

Several Flashing Methods

Mi flash tool turn out three separated approaches that users can go through as they prefer. So once you start function the utility, give a ride to the most fitting method for a good result. So the flashing ways will be there as Flash all, Flash all except storage and Flash all except data and storage. The second one generally use as a default technique and that use to flash fastboot files while the third option can suggest keeping safe data, files and everything related to the device storage. Inbuilt drivers

Moreover, the utility features inbuilt drivers including Qualcomm USB serial Drivers, Microsoft MTP, Google ADB Tool and Drivers, plus RNDIS Drivers. Therefore, it supports you to save your time and make the procedure easier rather than go after manual drivers installation.

Installer Feature

Another best feature of the utility is stand as an installer. Thus it stands as a package, that users capable to set up on a Windows computer at the very commencing stages of the procedure. ADB tool, Mi tool and Drivers software are the next notification that the utility will let you know.

Clean all, Save User Data and Clean All & Lock Options

Clean all is an additional functionality which suggests you to clean the establishment of MIUI ROM. Moreover, Save User Data is the option which set up MIUI firmware to the centralized storage. So the third function is Clean all and lock that can use in order to clean respective data and then lock the bootloader which has been unlocked.

Who can use Mi Flash Tool?

Mi Flash Tool brings support for almost all of the Xiaomi Smart phones and Tablets. And as it comes with exclusive support for the devices on Xiaomi Software, there is lesser risk on its possible failures whereas you can have certainty on all its supporting scripts expecting a successful output. Then here is the list of devices supported to Mi Flash.

System Requirements

Mi Flash Tool is a Desktop program that runs through Windows PC. It supports Windows PC running XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or the Windows 10 latest. Then get the PC ready with right drivers' installation to run Mi Flash successfully.

Mi Flash Tool Installation Instructions

Mi Flash Tool is a convenient utility that prioritizes devices running Xiaomi software and in order to get successful flash on the system. The tool comes in an extremely supportive interface where you are required downloading the correct firmware file on the PC and flash on the device through Xiaomi Flash Tool.

If you are in the requirement of flashing your Xiaomi device running Android, the tool Mi Flash is the best asset. It will help you with upgrading the firmware or downgrading and with managing multiple flashing of various devices at the same time. Then turn in the Mi Flash way for the requirement of reliable alterations on the Xiaomi device. Make sure you are prepared with Windows PC and the correct firmware to flash.

Mi Flash Tool Download Direct Link

Mi Flash Tool Download

The complete guide to Flash Fastboot ROM on Your Xiaomi with Mi Flash Tool

Flashing leads system changes in order to optimize the device and system operations. But make sure you are taking the whole run at your own responsibility as it is possible to get various system drops. At the same time you are recommended to take a complete device backup if you do require keeping all the existing data safe even after system changes are done. If you are ready with the prerequisites, here we go for the complete step and step guide.


Steps Guide:

  1. Step 1: Extract the Downloaded Fastboot ROM on the Windows PC and get the compatible file formats to continue flashing
  2. Step 2: Get the Mi Flash Tool launched from the above downloaded icon on the Windows PC
  3. Step 3: In order to get the supported file formats, unzip Mi Flash Tool File. To launch the exe file from the extracted folder, double click on the exe and continue to the complete installation
  4. Step 4: Let the installation happens taking several minutes. Now continue with the tool and hit “Browse” from the main interface
  5. Step 5: In the right location, enter the downloaded ROM file
  6. Step 6: You have to boot the device into Fastboot mode with a long press and hold on the Volume Down and Power by switching off the device
  7. Step 7: Use a proper USB cable and bring up the successful device connection to the PC
  8. Step 8: Now go to the Mi Flash interface where you should notice the device connected if only it is successful
  9. Step 9: If it is successfully displayed, you have to continue by choosing the flash option from the given three as Flash all, Flash all except storage and Flash all except data and storage
  10. Step 10: Finally, hit "Flash" and wait for several minutes and watch the progress<./li>

Wait for several minutes and conclude the whole flashing process with a reboot.

Mi Flash Tool Video Tutorial

Troubleshooting Tips

Common Undefined Errors

Try out few times the procedure for it may because of unstoppable technical issues. Do some changes to the system requirements in each time you go through.

The Connected Smartphone did not Detect

When the utility cannot recognize the handset that it connects with, just refresh and check out. If still it is not work, use the core USB port and a properly connectable USB cable.

Stuck with Passing Out

First of all, you have to try out some other PC here with properly installed drivers. Restart the machine once reset drivers in order to refresh the entire procedure. If the issue still endures, renew each and every connection and try out.

By the way, since these are just few common issues that users face, you may have to deal with some further ones. Make sure of your compatibility, Mi Flash tool version and preparations for a better conclusion.

Developer Thanks for Mi Flash Tool

All thanks for the whole Mi Flash Tool development and free distribution go to Xiaomi Inc. Enjoying all updated features and reliability with the latest version, expect more tool versions with updated device support and firmware compatibility. And just as always, all versions will be available for free to the user through PC.