ASUS Flash Tool Pro Free Download

Mobile device flashing is the best way to renew the condition of any smartphone, phablet or tablet. Because of that flashing installs the official firmware again on the device, the flashed smart device automatically becomes a performance enhanced device. There are many flashing tools in the app market in different names which allows you to flash different types of smart devices. And ASUS Flash Tool Pro is the relevant flashing tool comes to flash ASUS smart devices. As you already may know, ASUS is an awesome electronic device brand which gives featureful devices to the users. Therefore, many people use ASUS smart devices from all over the world. I assume you are also an ASUS device user, otherwise, you won't search for ASUS Flash Tool Pro, will you? So here we have come with a complete guide about this amazing flashing tool for ASUS devices and you can get direct download links to download ASUS Flash Tool Pro from this website.

ASUS Flash Tool Pro Free Download

ASUS is one of the world's largest companies which create computer hardware items. They create computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, hybrid devices, etc. Here we are discussing the smart device flashing, so from the ASUS devices, here we are going to focus on the ASUS smartphones, tablets, and hybrid devices. ASUS smart devices come as ZenFones and PadFones, and both of them comes in a series of devices. This ASUS Flash Tool Pro is a specially built software application which lets you flash the stock firmware of the devices. And that is the best way to enhance the performance of a smart device.

What is ASUS Flash Tool Pro?

ASUS Flash Tool Pro is a freeware application comes to ASUS smart devices which allows the users to flash the stock firmware of the devices. It is a powerful flashing tool for all the Zenfones and Padfones. We actually use this ASUS Flash Tool to make a bridge or connection between the personal computer and the ASUS device to flash the stock firmware of the ASUS devices. For that, you must install the USB drivers of your ASUS device to the PC. The ASUS Flash Tool Pro can also be used to take backups of the user data as well as to restore them when you need. So if you are an ASUS device user and searching for a way to personalize your device, ASUS Flash Tool is the best chance for you.

Why we need ASUS Flash Tool Pro?

Well, the need for a flashing tool comes when you need to flash the stock firmware of the device because you want to get rid of the annoying buggy device you are using. How old is your ASUS device now? 06 months, 01 year or above? Does it cause errors when processing, does it get laggy when processing, does it get automatically restarts sometimes? Then it's time for a firmware update on your device, which means it’s time to flash the stock firmware of the device. Flashing the stock firmware of the device gives many benefits to the users such as boosts the battery life, enhance the performance, remove the bloatware, etc. Considering all these beneficial facts, we can conclude that flashing your ASUS device with ASUS Flash Tool Pro is the best way to get your device personalized.

What is Smartphone Flashing?

This whole time, we discussed about the ASUS Flash Tool. But before going to download it, do you know what exactly is flashing a smartphone? If you don't know, don't proceed to flash your device because it is something like walking on a blade. So before flashing your device, learn about smartphone flashing first. In fact, flashing a smartphone is reinstalling the stock firmware of the device. Also, installing a custom ROM comes under smartphone flashing. To flash a smartphone, it requires you to root the device, which is somewhat a risky task. However, rooting and flashing both have their pros as well as the cons. Nonetheless, people choose to root and flash the devices anyway considering that the number of pros is greater than the number of cons.

Flashing has a series of steps to follow, so you have to study the flashing steps properly and execute the steps carefully. This is something that needs your full attention when implementing the process, as a single wrong step may completely brick the device. However, don't get panic. We have given you the requisite instructions to flash the ASUS devices using ASUS Flash Tool Pro, so just follow those steps to flash your ASUS device with ASUS Flash Tool.

Benefits of Flashing an ASUS Smartphone

Features of ASUS Flash Tool Pro

Versions of ASUS Flash Tool Pro

ASUS Flash Tool Pro Download Direct Link

ASUS Flash Tool Pro Free Download

How to install ASUS Flash Tool Pro?

  1. First of all, you must download the ASUS Zenfone USB drivers on your Windows computer.
  2. Enable the Developer Mode and USB Debugging Mode on your ASUS smartphone.
  3. Then find the download link of the ASUS Flash Tool from our website and extract the zip or RAR file to the desktop and open it.
  4. Now double click on the .exe file of the flash tool and click on the "Next" button.
  5. Click on the "Next" button and click on the "Install" button.
  6. Windows security dialog for install ASUS Zenfone drivers will appear on the screen. Just click on the "OK" button there.
  7. That's all. The ASUS Flash Tool Pro will be installed on your computer then.

How to use ASUS Flash Tool Pro?

  1. Download the stock firmware of the ASUS Zenfone on your PC desktop.
  2. Open the ASUS Flash Tool Pro and connect your Zenfone to the computer using a USB cable. Now click on the "Disconnect" button.Then you can locate the Zenfone stock firmware and click on the "Browse" button.
  3. To start the flashing process, click on the "Flash" button next. Then your device will automatically restart by itself.
  4. Long press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to get the Recovery Mode.

ASUS Flash Tool Pro Video Tutorial

Is it safe to use ASUS Flash Tool Pro?

We have to admit that rooting and flashing an Android device is somewhat a risky task. So you have to be careful when you are implementing these two processes on your device. However, if you curious about the safeness of the ASUS Flash Tool Pro, it is 100% safe application comes to Android running ASUS devices. This is an awesome software tool that lets you flash your Zenfone without causing any issues on the device. It flashes the device in a safer and a faster way. Therefore, you don’t have to worry anything about using ASUS Flash Tool Pro.

Developer Credits

Parmeshwar Gupta is the one who developed and distributed this amazing flashing tool, the ASUS Flash Tool Pro. Thanks to him, we get this great opportunity to flash all your ASUS smart devices. Therefore, all the credits for developing and distributing this flash tool must belong to him.